The Effective Methods of Antibioterrorizm at Burn Wounds as a Risk Factor of the Radiation – Thermal Affection

Project Status: 3 Proposal review
Commencement Date: 18.09.2022
Duration in months: 36 months

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Participating Institutions



National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia / Scientific-Technological Center of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Armenia (STCOPHCH)



Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (IRPhE)



Sogang University



University of California (UCSD)


Probable terrorist actions or failures of atomic power station are accompanied by fires and outflow of radiation that can result to radiation-thermal defeats. Such defeats can arise and at explosions of nuclear and hydrogen bombs, and also in scientific institutes engaged researches in area of nuclear physics (accelerators, plasma generators).

For the blocking consequence such defeats is applied unique effective method of laser therapy for the first-aid and the further treatment, during which fully anesthetizes the affected area, bringing the patient out of the pain shock. Kidneys function are normalized, toxins are continuously removed from the organism due to enhanced detoxication function of liver and growth of glomerular filtration, and prevents the initiation of irreversible processes in the organism Raises radioresistant of organism. These factors create all necessary conditions for the further accelerated treatment.

Some known biological effects of laser emission (activation or normalization of macro-molecular synthesis, enhanced reparative processes, intensified cellular proliferation, reduction of active oxygen form, etc.) prove that laser emission may be used as an active blocker of destructive effect produced by ionizing radiation (X-ray, ?-ray etc.) in the living organisms.

Laser radiation was found to have a plausible effect on healing of burn-wounds in several aspects: a) intensifies bactericide effect of phagocytes due to short-term priming; b) “evaporation” of non-critical tissues and wound disinfection; c) collagen synthesis and cell proliferation become more active, d) micro-vessels are getting more active and blood micro-circulation is improved. Application of the treatment remedy obtained by means of laser photolysis significantly increases the bacterial immunity of the affected areas, since the remedy has strong bactericide effect. All these factors intensify the healing process of burn-wounds due to activation of local cutie-circulation, phagocytes and wound sterilization.

Having in mind the importance of hem coagulation system disorders in oxidative stress formation under the conditions of burn-wounds appearing we are planning to study the specificities of the blood coagulation and prothrombin times, thromboplastic activity, blood clothing factors, fibrinogen concentration, as well as the blood fibrinolytic activity changes. It would be examined the possibilities of the qualitative – quantitative abnormalities of the individual representatives of the different categories of the neutral and acidic phospholipids, products of the free radical peroxidation of lipids (hydroperoxides, mono- and dienic conjugates, malondialdehyde), superoxide dismutase, glutation peroxidase, glutation reductase activities.

These investigations would be done in different tissues of affected animals in experiments, as well as in whole blood, erythrocytes and lymphocytes membranes. The special part of investigation mentioned would be done under the conditions of therapeutic action of the low energetic laser irradiation and different concentration of the calcium precipitate of the fungal low molecular double stranded RNA, which is synthesized by us and has a very high anti-inflammatory and immune stimulation activity. The therapeutic effect of factors mentioned would be examined separately and in combination of their super low concentrations.

The results of this project can serve as a key for the further study of possible treatment of radiation illnesses induced by ionizing radiation.