Geothermal waters of Pamir as an alternative sources for food security

Project Status: 8 Project completed
Commencement Date: 15.06.2023
Duration in months: 0 months


It is known that Tajikistan is a country having unique hot, warm and cold hydro mineral sources. Only in the territory of South-Western and South- Eastern Pamir exists about 70 Geomineral waters sources with exclusive physical - chemical and with gaze characteristics. They constitute the richest curative fund of Tajikistan. Therefore, it is said that Pamir is the collections of Geothermal and cold mineral waters. These sources of Energy still are not used for food securityю
Moreover, it should be noticed that by initiative of Tajikistan and on behalf of United Nations 2018 – 2028 years were announced as International Decade of ‘ Water for sustainable development”.
Taking into account the scarce land resources of high Pamir, the problem of providing population with ecological - pure food production is an actual task. It is necessary to emphasize that in this conditions the most widespread agricultural branches are potato growing, yak farming, grain growing and gardening. Growing of vegetables mainly developed in Western Pamir, where the land resources are very scarce, and harvesting crops is possible only in summer season. Practically, in the markets of Gorno Badakhshan are sold mainly vegetables from other valley regions of Tajikistan and Kyrgizstan. Such branches as bee breeding, fish breeding and, especially poultry farming only become a subject development of branch of agriculture in Pamir mountain region. Especially, the central issue is that the greater part of poultry-farming production brought from foreign countries. Therefore, the Pamir population sharply needs ecologically pure meat, vegetables and fish products.
Despite the fact, that private enterprise partially began to be engaged in cultivation of hens, still poultry-farming production in Gorno Badakhshan ( Pamir ) area practically is not arranged. Still meat of birds and poultry production in the local market imported from Iran and China that influences not only markets prices, but also quality of consumed production. In this connection, for reaching of food security in this mountainous region should be applied special approaches. One of the methods of increasing of vegetables and meats production in Pamir High – mountainous conditions is using of Geothermal Energy for heating of greenhouses and poultry houses, because the environmental conditions of high mountains, especially Eastern Pamir are severe, and cultivation of vegetables, poultries is not possible in open area. On the other hand, the main sources of hot geothermal water sources are located in the territory of high mountains.
In connection with the above, the results, gained by the implementing of proposed project, allow application of experience to such unexplored territories and will accelerate increasing of above mentioned products. The category of technology development is applied research. Proposed project will be not only benefit for development of Pamir Experimental Station, but for future development of farmers, who reside around the geothermal sources of Energy.
- The goal of Project -The Purpose of the project is to organize the Geothermal Research Center for achieving food security of Pamir communities (complex approach)
The objectives of the project:
1. Testing of different kinds of ducklings by the using of heat of geothermal waters throughout the year.
2. Testing of different kinds of vegetables in Geothermal greenhouses throughout the year.
3. Cultivation and testing of different kinds of fishes inside the hot geothermal pool.
4. Creation cascade: poultry Center > greenhouse > cultivation of fishers.
5. Creating management plan for Geothermal Research Center, publishing recommendation, leaflets for local population by using the results of the Center.
6. Establishment of permanently functioning Geothermal training Center for local population of mountain regions.

Participating Institutions


Pamir experimental agricultural station


SES of Gorno Badakhshan


Pamir Biological Institution


Engeneering Advancement Association of Japan


Gunma University