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ARZ 2023 Field Exercise, Lebanon

Project Status: 6 Project underway
Commencement Date: 01.06.2023
Duration in months: 0 months


ARZ 2023 is a 3-day inter-agency field exercise and will focus on key aspects of detection and response to Chemical, Radiological and Nuclear security threats. The exercise is funded by European Commission Foreign Policy Instrument (DG FPI) and it is carried out with the support of UNICRI (the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute), the ISTC (International Science and Technology Center), Fondazione SAFE and the on-site assistance expert of the EU CBRN Centre of Excellence Regional Secretariat in the Middle East, under the leadership of the CBRN National Coordinator and CoE National Focal Point of Lebanon. These exercises will constitute a follow-up of the Field Exercise ARZ 2021, ensuring continuity with the previous field exercise, further improving and testing the capacities to respond to CBRN events and supporting the revision of the existing interagency SOP.

Participating Institutions


International Science and Technology Center (ISTC)