Review of ISTC Space Projects


At the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first orbit around the Earth by Yuri Gagarin, ISTC made a review of funded projects in the area of space discovery.

During the 17 years of activities, ISTC funded 64 projects in this area with a total value of $19.4 million USD. 

Various areas were covered such as:

- Space Safety;
- Manned Space Station
- Unmanned Spacecraft
- Extraterrestrial Exploration
- Space Vehicles and Support Equipment
- Spacecraft Trajectories and Mechanics

In the development of these projects many Russian, European and American research institutes were involved. This led to many publications but most and for all in breakthrough developments to further advance space exploration. 

Key ISTC projects relate to technologies for a future Mars mission, a spectrometer for neutrons in the International Space Station and the development of inflatable re-entry technologies as well as the development of new technologies for space aircrafts.

Working together in space research is one of the most developed areas of international cooperation. 
ISTC funding has and will continue to play an important role in this fascinating field of space discovery. A power point presentation provides additional information of the work of ISTC in the space area. A publication on this subject is under preparation. 

See presentation on ISTC space activities

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