Press Release

The International Science and Technology Center, within the framework of the targeted initiative on the export control of CBRN dual-use materials and technologies, funded by the EU, together with the Export Control Center just finished the second online Workshop on Classification and Identification of dual-use goods for government officials and business structures.

Employees of the State Customs Service under the Ministry of Finance of the KR, Ministry of Economy and Commerce of the KR, Ministry of Health of the KR, Ministry of Defense of the KR, employees of private enterprises, professors of the Kyrgyz National University took part in two 3-day seminars held in late March and on April 20-21-22 of this year.

The Workshops were held with the participation of international experts from Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Attendees acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities to work with elements of the modern national export control system, studied basic procedures of EC implementation, and raised awareness of classification and identification of controlled goods in order to identify current threats and risks associated with dual-use goods and technologies.

The purpose of the Workshops is to create a comprehensive course on the Classification and Identification of dual-use goods to be introduced at the Kyrgyz National University as part of the Export Control Course. Implementation of this course will allow the country to strengthen the system of control over especially important transfers and minimize the risks of violations of export control legislation.