ISTC visited Shigeo Katsu, the President of Nazarbayev University 


On 2 June 2023 Executive Director, David Cleave and Deputy Executive Director Aidyn Turebayev of the International Science and Technology Center visited Mr. Shigeo Katsu, the President of Nazarbayev University, who has announced his resignation as President of Nazarbayev University after almost 13 years and under his leadership the Nazarbayev University has transformed from a concept into Kazakhstan’s first world-class university.

By paying the visit Mr. Cleave and Mr. Turebayev wanted to express their gratitude and thanks to Mr. Katsu for supporting the International Science and Technology Center by providing office premises from 2014 to 2017 on the territory of Nazarbaeyv University and providing continuous support for all these years after. 

Under Mr. Katsu’s supervision, Nazarbayev University has achieved remarkable results as a leading higher education institution in the region. The ISTC continues to maintain close relations, cooperation and collaboration with Nazarbayev University. Mr. Katsu will continue to serve on the NU University Board of Trustees and the Supreme Board. The ISTC Executive presented Mr. Katsu with a momento from ISTC and wished Mr. Shigeo Katsu future success in all his the future endeavors!