As much hot water as you want, or trapping the sun


A house supplied with a system developed by Russian scientists from the Moscow company ALTEN, under Moscow Energy Institute Doctor of Technical Science Boris Kazandzhan, will give as much hot water as you need.

The water is heated by the sun using a special collector that captures solar heat in an incredibly effective way.

To raise the efficiency of the absorption of solar energy and reduce heat loss, a special selective, multilayer coating is used, made from titanium carbide. On the outside it is as it should be – dark, so that light is absorbed well. However its distinguishing feature is that, once it has heated up, this coating barely radiates any thermal energy at all. Therefore, this coating enables solar energy to be captured in the visible and near infra-red regions of the spectrum, where over 90% of solar energy is concentrated, and hardly radiate any energy into the range of the spectrum that corresponds with the thermal radiation. Captured heat is collected by water that runs through copper pipes extruded into aluminium profiles, coated with the selective coating.

In a sunny day a single collector covering an area of 2sq.m can heat about 150 litres of water to a temperature of 60-70 degrees. Several collectors could ensure the hot-water supply and heating to a small cottage.