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#GE-2513XDR, PDR, hypervirulent Enterobacteriaceae in Georgia

Study risk factors and molecular characteristics of extensively drug-resistant and pandrug-resistant hypervirulent Enterobacteriaceae in Georgia

#K-2161Chemical toxicants at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site

Research of chemical toxicants influence on general ecological situation formation at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site

#KZ-2514Properties of the irradiated SiC-matrix.

The study of properties of the irradiated SiC-matrix of the HTGR fuel element.

#KZ-2516Study of New Type Element of Beryllium Reflector

Experimental Study of New Type Reflector Element based on beryllium pebbles

#PR-111Peaceful uses of nuclear energy

Peaceful uses of nuclear energy and nuclear applications and the role of nuclear security

#TJ-2412Assessment of Transboundary Water and Land Resources in the Amu Darya Basin

Assessment of Water and Land Resources in Small Transboundary Tributaries of Amu Darya River Basin using Earth Observation