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International Science and Technolgy Center supported by the European Union

ISTC is pleased to announce the call for its 2019 Doctoral Research Grant. The call is open to all disciplines but the research topic shall be related to developments and trends of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons non proliferation; strategic trade control; or national and international trade control systems.

Eligibility: The Doctoral Research Grant is open to postgraduate students (regardless citizenship) holding a Master‘s degree from a University established in principle in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Georgia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia. Applicants will have to be registered in a Ph.D. program in an EU or European Economic Area university and shall have two supervisors. One shall hold an academic position in an EU or European Economic Area university where he/she will be registered and the other shall hold an academic position in a Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Georgia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia university. Please note that the call is limited to candidates who don’t hold all ready an PhD degree. To allow potential candidates achieving their studies, the  Master degree condition should be fulfilled when the contract will initiate.

The ISTC Special research fund is offering to a doctoral students a four-year contract. The contract starts on September 2019 (subject to validation of the Master’s degree). If duly justified, the start date may be changed at the applicant's request, subject to the mentors’ agreement. No contract may start later than November.

The candidate should obtain  the visa approval to stay in the EU or European Economic Area before that the grant will be allocate to start the PhD studies.

The selected doctoral student will be hosted simultaneously by the universities of his/her supervisors or with their agreement by any research center or universities conducting research related to his/her doctorate. The links of the proposed doctoral research and the field of expertise of supervisors, as well as their commitments to supervise the candidate will constitute an important criteria in the selection process.

The completion of the research may entail special funding (for example, to finance data collection, partly or entirely). The budget required to complete the research must be assessed and presented in the application.

All information and documents required for the application must be English.  The application form and the list of necessary documents are attached to the present call.

Application should be send by email to The deadline for the call for applications is 15 April 2019 at midday, Brussels time.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered

After a first selection based on applications, candidates will be interviewed in a place to be confirmed by the selection committee.

 If you should have any questions, please contact:  Prof. Maria Espona (

If you need any help to identify a potential supervisor in the EU or EEA, please contact:  Prof. dr. Quentin Michel, ESU Liege University (

ISTC Grant Proposal Application form