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ISTC can help moderate the cost of Research & Development with our experienced team, building viable economic alternatives for CIS experts and engineers.

Benefits of cooperation:

  • No cost technology R&D search;
  • Moderate project R&D costs;
  • Complete control of funds assured through ISTC;
  • Direct tax-free grant payments to recipients via ISTC;
  • Customs and duty-free imports of equipment via ISTC;
  • On-site monitoring and audits by professional ISTC project management;
  • On-site supported visits to institutes and closed cities;
  • Access to ISTC networks across CIS;
  • Intellectual Property Rights support;
  • ISTC support programs (competency building, travel grants, seminars and workshops);
  • Multi-lingual staff (english, kazakh, russian and etc.). 

Contact Information:

CLEAVE, David (ISTC Executive Director) 
Phone: +7 7172 769534