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Protected by the “Phoenix”

Twenty minutes of grace, the opportunity to save oneself in an atmosphere that has been poisoned with toxic aerosols and gases, is what a device developed by specialists from the Russian company Epicentre Market will give you.

The device is a kind of hybrid of a gas-mask and polythene bag. Not a simple polythene bag, of course, but one supplied with a unique filter that is universal and very effective. During a fire or accident the device dramatically increases one’s chances of not suffocating, meaning they will stay alive.

The specialists call this protective hood the “Phoenix”, as it withstands temperature of no less than 800 degrees and comes with a filter with a mouth-piece. In its package it looks like a small bag that weighs a little over 150 grams. The filter is comprised of several layers of various sorbents, designed to catch and reliably hold the most varied of poisonous gases, such as the toxic products of combustion, from which people die during fires, or genuine poisonous substances such as chloropicrin and phosgene.

The authors tested their device in a special test laboratory of the Military University of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection. It was learnt that the hood is indeed able to protect a human from several tens of harmful or even fatal hazardous vapours and gases.

The entire device is more alike a clear plastic bag which, in case of danger, should be placed over the head. You breathe with the mouth through a filter that can withstand temperature up to 450 degrees. The bag will fit a head of almost any size (for children the hood is smaller), with any hairstyle, spectacles or beard. The plastic does not mist over from breathing, so everything around will be visible. Unfortunately, the operating time of this wonderful life-saving device is limited, as the capacity of the sorbent is restricted. But 20 minutes of comparatively safe air to breathe is what is guaranteed.