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2nd Astana Renewable Energy Summit (RES) on 8th June 2018 / Summit Keynote Speakers supported by ISTC visit ISTC Head Office in Astana.

The second Renewable Energy Summit (RES) 2018 took place in Astana at the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 8th June 2018. ISTC Executive Director David Cleave was one on the opening address speakers at the Summit which was organized through the Ministry of Energy, The Association of Renewable Energy in Kazakhstan, the International Center for Green Technologies and Investment Projects, The Association Environmental Organisations of Kazakhstan, Kazenergy, US Aid and several other organisations such as Shell and the Adenauer Foundation. 

The Summit was split into 3 sessions on Global trends of Renewable Energy and the role of Kazakhstan. Secondly, The issues of Renewable Energy projects implementation in Kazakhstan and finally The Resolution of the issues of financing of Renewable Energy Industry, which brought together many speakers from the ADB, World Bank, amongst others. ISTC supported the presence of two former Nobel Laureates who were ever present at the 2017 Astana Future Energy Expo, Dr. Rajendra Pacahauri discussing Climate Change and Low Carbon Energy and Dr. Rae Kwon Chung speaking on the transition paradigm of renewable energy and putting forward the idea of a silk road super grid.
ISTC was very much involved in the Astana Expo 2017 sourcing and supporting 45 scientific experts, keynote speakers and 4 Nobel Laureates 2 of which including Dr. Pachauri were part of the Committee that drafted the Manifesto of Values and Principles that presented summaries from the 12 Future Energy EXPO Forums and proposed recommendations aimed at solving global energy issues through global cooperation. This 2nd RES Summit continued to take and discuss the issues from last year's Astana Future Energy EXPO to the next level.